Photo Gallery

How often have your heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you are like most people, you have heard it numerous times. Pictures many times can describe certain people or events in ways that we never thought existed. Sometimes, although unjustly, the public assumes all the police do is drive around and write tickets. We hope the Photo Gallery can help dispel any inaccurate perceptions while giving you a true sense of what the Pierre Police does, how we dot it, and why we care.

The Pierre Police Department is proud to provide a Photo Gallery showing some of the officers, employees and the duties they perform for the residents and visitors within the City of Pierre. Most of the photographs being displayed in this Photo Gallery are ones actually taken by an officer, an employee of the Police Department, or a person that is closely associated with the officers and employees.

Below is a list of types of photographs in the gallery. Click on the below link to go directly to those particular types of photographs.

New Employees
Employee Graduations
Department Promotions
Awards Banquet
Law Enforcement Memorial Week
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