Public Notices

Fireworks Notice

This is to notify residents and visitors within the City of Pierre that it is illegal to discharge any pyrotechnics, commonly known as "fireworks" in the City of Pierre, except those authorized between December 27th and January 1st, and July 1st through July 5th as described in City Ordinance § 8-1-113. Person(s) violating this ordinance are subject to a fine and or penalty as prescribed under City Ordinance § 1-3-101.

Pierre City Ordinance § 8-1-113 states:

A.    It shall be unlawful for any individual, firm, partnership or corporation to sell at retail, possess for sale at retail, use,
       discharge or cause to be discharged, except as hereinafter permitted, any pyrotechnics (commonly known as
       fireworks) or any description whatsoever, except those in the hereinafter enumerated classification and designated as
       safe and sane fireworks, to-wit:
       Sparklers, vesuvius fountains, spray fountains, torches, color fire cones, pinwheels, toy cap pistols and toy caps,
       where the caps used therein do not contain more than 25 grains of explosive material in each cap.

Provided further, that no fireworks, except toy pistols and toy pistol caps, may be sold or discharged at any time prior to July 1st or after July 5th, except when July 1st falls on Sunday, the legal date of beginning sale and discharge will become June 30th. 
B.    Nothing in this Ordinance shall prohibit a public display and discharge of fireworks, providing such individual, firm,
       partnership or corporation planning to make a public display and discharge of fireworks, shall first secure a written
       permit from the Chief of the Fire Department upon proper written application.

C.    This Ordinance extends to and shall cover all of the territory within the corporate limits of the City of Pierre and within
        one (1) mile of said corporate limits in the County of Hughes, and shall also extend to and cover any public ground or
        park belonging to the said City of Pierre and located outside of the corporate limits of said city.

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