Patrol Section

The patrol section is the largest of all sections in the police department. The patrol section is supervised by Sergeants Brian Hines, Jason Jones, and Brandon Boyd.

Officers assigned to Patrol Section are: Richard Bauman, Samson Boutchee, Lee Coppersmith, Kyle Cummings, Justin Harmon, Drew Heaton, Mike Hluchy, Nathan Howell, Todd Johnson, Colton Juso, Cole Martin, Bret Sether and Buckley Wright.
The patrol section consists of three (3) crews that provide service     and protection to the community twenty-four (24) hours a day, 365 days a year through eight (8) hour shifts on a twenty-eight (28) day cycle of rotation with rotating days off. Each crew consists of one sergeant and at least four (4) police officers.
The main duties of officers assigned to patrol section include, but are not limited to:

-  Patrol to deter crime and traffic violations
-  Respond to calls for service
-  Conduct investigations into criminal activity and traffic collisions
-  Apprehend, arrest, transport and process offenders
-  Provide back-up officer assistance to other area agencies
-  Provide traffic control during collisions and civic events such as parades
-  Provide airport security
-  Testify in judicial proceedings
-  Complete police reports and traffic collision reports
-  Prepare and serve summons and warrants
-  Participate in drug violation investigations
-  Teach community-oriented police type programs
-  Public speaking
-  Other duties as assigned

Additional Duties
In addition to their general duties, officers are also assigned additional duties such as but not limited to:

-  Airport Security                        -  SWAT Team
-  Traffic Team                             -  Warrants Officer
-  Firearms Instructor                   -  Police Training Officer
-  Equipment Officer                    -  Defensive Tactics Instructor
-  Motorycle Training Officer        -  Explorer Program Advisor
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